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St Therese's Catholic Primary School is set beneath the tropical foothills of the rapidly growing southern sector of Cairns and easily accessible to the surrounding residential communities. Within close proximity are shopping centres, secondary colleges and sporting grounds.

Our students participate in a wide range of activities and we are especially proud of our music, dance, drama and sporting programs. We encourage a healthy lifestyle through our involvement in a variety of fitness and sport activities and adopt healthy eating habits in our tuck shop.

St Therese's students strive to excel through heart, spirit and mind, experiencing learning opportunities that inspire, challenge and equip students with the knowledge, skills and values for success in the 21st century. We emphasize core skills and understanding whilst integrating innovative ICT, preparing your child for the world of tomorrow. Students gain a strong sense of social and ethical issues of the modern world with guidance from the Bible and Catholic compassion.

When asking "Which school is best for my child" we hope that ours is one you consider. Please feel free to contact us for further information or to arrange a tour of our school.

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Community News 

Year 6 SpellingDuring my visit to the sensational Year Six L learning space, I saw our students engaging in spelling. Strengthening skills and processes around spelling provides platforms for our students to not only engage in a variety of texts for enjoyment but to communicate effectively to their peers, teachers, community members and wider groups of people. Mrs Tokunai was teaching the students about spelling strategies and rules. Mrs Tokunai carefully set up a scaffold of support for all the students modelling strategies that would eventually lead the students towards an independent practice. Whilst talking to some students, I could see them taking an active role in their learning, examining words, investigating word patterns and rules around words ending or beginning with consonants and vowels. As our students journey through the school they will notice certain things about vowels and consonants. For example, in English we rarely have three or more vowels together; beautiful, queue, liaise, quail, quiet, squeal are some of the few words that use this spelling pattern. Another thing our students will notice is that every word in the English language contains a vowel. This is quite a useful piece of information to know when playing spelling games, go for a vowel first! Thank you Year Six and Mrs Tokunai for sharing your learning with me. My next visit will be Year Five!

PREP 2018
Throughout the week, I have been interviewing new families to our school whose children will commence Prep in 2018. In asking parents why they are choosing St Therese’s, it is rewarding to hear words around “A great reputation in the community, parents commenting on high quality learning, a school that teaches children on being resilient, inclusiveness, compassion, great music program and sport . A school that teaches Christian values.” This is really affirming and I acknowledge our parent community who are referring us as “A place to be.”

Our first meeting for the year had around 24 people consisting of parents, parish and staff. At the meeting a new executive was elected and on behalf of the school community, I wish to welcome the following Parents and Friends Executive members. President – Sally, Vice-President – Fiona, Treasurer – Heidi nominated, Secretary – Meredith. Congratulations to all our members.

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